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Stripping and Waxing hardwood floors is one of the most common applications to wood floors around Lexington, KY. Applying wax or polish to hardwood increases the shine and can quickly make the floor look brand new again with ease. Hiring a professional cleaning service to do this is very important, otherwise dirt and grime can get trapped in the wax making the floor look worse than before. Here at Wood Floor Hero our process is flawless when it comes to Stripping and Waxing floors. We use industrial grade floor strippers to emulsify the wax, this product actually breaks down the wax and turns it back into a liquid. Stripping floors can be a messy process if it is done incorrectly, that’s why we have all the know how to get your job done professionally. After we vacuum up the floor stripper we then neutralize the floor by rinsing and then mopping up any product that is left, this ensures that no contamination is trapped in the waxed hardwood floor. Finally we apply several layers of wax depending on the customers desired sheen level. This process is very cost effective, but it is not a long term finish for the floor. Waxed floors need to be maintained regularly to keep up the shiny finish.

Wood Floors We Wax

  • Solid Wood Floors

  • Prefinished Wood Floors

  • Engineered Wood Floors

  • LVT Flooring

  • VCT Flooring

  • Laminate Flooring

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Getting a free quote for stripping and waxing floors in Kentucky is easy with wood floor hero. Our heroes are on standby to help you with any of your requests, all you have to do is call or fill out one of our contact forms online. Our 20+ years of knowledge in waxing floors sets us apart from the other guys, we can quickly get to you and provide a high quality service that you’ll be proud of. It helps that we have been involved in many other flooring industries, so we know lots of tips and tricks to get floors stripped and waxed professionally.

Stripping Waxing Lexington KY

Hardwood Waxing

Stripping & Waxing hardwood floors for residential and commercial clients across Kentucky is a popular service. There are so many different topical finishes that can be added to wood floors over the years, we know exactly how to maintain those finishes and keep your hardwood floor looking fresh.


  • Residential Homes

  • Offices & Commercial

  • Government & Municipal

  • Large Sports Stadiums

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